Frequently Asked Questions

NARC Kenya stands for unity amongst all Kenyans irrespective of tribe, race, social-cultural and economic differences. The vision of the Party is One Kenya One Nation One People. We espouse social democracy.

Any citizen of Kenya of the age of eighteen (18) years and above who accepts and adheres to the vision, aims, objects, policies, programmes, directives and discipline of the Party shall be eligible to become a member of the Party.

Any person interested in the Party is a NARC Kenya supporter. We encourage all supporters to become members.

There are various ways including but not limited to:

  • Becoming a member by taking any of the different membership categories above
  • Participating in Party activities at any of the following levels i.e. Polling Station, Ward, Constituency, County or National
  • Serving in one of the various Committees and Commissions of the Party
  • Recruiting members into the Party
  • Propagating the policies of the Party
  • Supporting the Party through donations in cash and in kind
  • Purchasing Party Promotional materials
  • Forming or joining a Flower Club

Membership to the flower club is open to all citizens who profess a similar trade or profession. The Mandate of sanctioning operations of the Flower Club rests with the Secretary General of the Party.

The elected Party officials (at the Polling station, Ward, Constituency and County levels) have a constitutional mandate to set up Party offices.

Visit our website: or visit the National Secretariat at NARC Kenya House, Woodlands Road off Lenana Road in Hurlingham or send us an e-mail at or

An appointment is facilitated by the Secretariat for one to meet the Party officials. Contact the National Secretariat for appointments.

The NARC Kenya nominations/elections rules and procedures clearly spell out the nomination process for all elective positions. The nomination process shall be conducted within the context of the principles of fairness, transparency and equal opportunity for all.

Get Involved Through Donations

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