Our Pillars

We are fighting for a better, fairer, socially and economically just future for every Kenyan. Ours is a commitment to the realisation of Article 43 that makes provision for socio-economic rights and other provisions of The Bill of Rights in the Constitution to ensure fairness, social justice, gender equity and equality. We are defenders of the Country’s Constitution.

We are committed to the democratic ideals of rule of law and shall collectively defend the right of the citizens to compete for all leadership positions regardless of their background so that talent is brought on board and only the best get the opportunity to offer quality service for the sake of our Nation.

We stand firm on the progressive realization of equality of opportunity, equality before the law and the right to equal protection and benefit under the law for all persons, and especially the historically marginalized.

NARC Kenya is Fighting For a Free and Prosperous Kenya

A nation where every citizen enjoys equal rights and opportunities.

How to organise Kenya

" A leader must have a listening ear, it's not about what they want, it's a leader who engages the people. Not lashes out at them"
- Hon. Martha Karua

The future is female, in order to organise Kenya you need to organise your ward. If everybody within the wards organise themselves, you will have organised your constituency and Kenya at large.

NARC Kenya State of the Nation Address

How Failed Leadership and State-led Corruption Abandoned Kenyans to Fight Corona Virus Alone.

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